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Family Medicine

Why Choose MDVIP?

Annual Wellness Plans

Think about the last wellness checkup you had. How much one-on-one time did you have with the doctor? Did you feel rushed? Did you talk about prevention? Did you leave with a detailed action plan for your health and understand the next steps?

With more time devoted to fewer patients, MDVIP-affiliated primary care practices can go beyond basic. Each year your doctor will take you through the MDVIP Wellness Program, which is paid for by your membership fee. You will receive comprehensive, advanced health screenings and diagnostic tests that have been shown to help detect issues earlier but are not typically covered by commercial insurance or Medicare. The results help give a clearer view of your overall health.



Your Overall Health and Test Results

Our doctors will discuss your health test results in detail. You’ll know your numbers, understand what those numbers mean and how they can be improved. Together you’ll develop an individualized action plan that will include next steps, how progress will be measured and a time frame for follow up.

Whether you’re managing a chronic illness, have a family history of a disease, or consider yourself the picture of health there’s always room for improvement. This is what the MDVIP Wellness Program is all about—identifying and addressing your unique needs so you can focus on living your best.

Here are examples of what could be included in your personalized wellness plan:

  • Meal plans, recipes, and shopping lists if you’re following a diet that can help prevent or manage diabetes or cholesterol levels.
  • Customized exercise videos tailored to your fitness level.
  • A nutrition and fitness plan that can actually help you lose weight and finally keep it off.

Even if you’re in the best shape of your life, MDVIP’s Wellness Program can help you maintain good health and avoid some of the problems that come with aging through early detection. In short, the MDVIP Wellness Program is a comprehensive tool to help you and your doctor map out a health plan specific to you. It reflects your test results AND your health goals. Published studies have shown that the MDVIP personalized preventive care approach leads to better health outcomes and can help keep you out of the ER and the hospital.



On-Call Availability

Have you ever tried to call your primary care doctor after office hours? What about on a holiday? It’s gotten to the point where you have to jump through so many hoops just to talk to a real person–even during office hours. It’s frustrating—especially when you’re sick and really need to talk to your doctor.

Your MDVIP-affiliated physician is there for you 24/7. You’ll have a way to get in touch with your doctor by pager, phone or message whether it’s after hours, on weekends or a holiday. And when you do call your doctor—day or night—you won’t find yourself in an endless loop of phone prompts, voicemail and automated attendants. You’ll talk to your doctor who will know you and your medical history, which can be vital in urgent situations.

Among other positive benefits of the MDVIP-affiliated practices, being able to reach your doctor when you need to take the primary care experience to the next level. In fact, studies have shown patients in MDVIP-affiliated practices were considerably less likely to go to the emergency room than patients in traditional primary care practices, among other positive outcomes.



Same Day Appointments

There are many reasons to join an MDVIP-affiliated practice: conveniences like same day or next-day appointments; visits that start on time and last as long as you need; a close relationship with a physician who really knows you and your health needs. Add to that list: A model that’s been proven to work.

Studies published in peer-reviewed medical journals show patients in MDVIP-affiliated practices are hospitalized and readmitted less often, visit urgent care centers and emergency rooms less often, receive more preventive services, and enjoy better control of chronic conditions than patients in traditional practices.



More Time Spent With You

Chronic conditions like heart disease, diabetes, lung disease, and arthritis require time and effort to keep them under control. Because MDVIP-affiliated physicians have fewer patients they have more time to help support you.

Unfortunately, according to many studies, there’s nothing easy about keeping chronic diseases in check. They’re difficult, expensive, and interrupt day-to-day activities. If those conditions get out of hand, they can lead to painful complications and disabilities and they can shorten your life.

Having the time to focus on chronic care can make all the difference. So can having the right partner. Unfortunately, most primary care physicians do not have the time or staffing to help patients effectively manage their chronic illnesses, according to multiple studies.

Fortunately, our doctors have the time to work one-on-one with patients. Whether it’s a common disease such as hypertension, COPD, arthritis, or type 2 diabetes, or something less common, your doctor will have time to customize treatment, adjust medications, research, and discuss alternative therapies with you, and advise you on important lifestyle changes. Knowing your doctor has more time to advocate can provide you with peace of mind. That extra time is making a difference in the quality of our patients’ lives and outcomes.



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